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Still No Sign of Missing Baby

KANSAS CITY, MO (CNN) — There is still no sign of a missing 11-month-old girl in Kansas City, Missouri. Lisa Irwin was last seen sleeping in her crib on October 3rd.

Police brought out ATV’s and search dogs to comb an area between 210 and 36th Street, north Brighton to Searcy Creek Parkway. The people in these near-by townhomes have watched it before.

Christy Mormino says, “Where is the baby? Seriously, where is the baby? That is what makes me so sad and makes you have that feeling in your stomach the more time that goes by that the outcome is not gonna be good.”

Mormino has been watching it unfold outside her front door for nine days now. On the first day, she says, officers went door to door through here asking a lot of questions. They looked through dumpsters, too.

The day Lisa was reported missing was a Tuesday, and Tuesday is trash day around here. Police continue to have a strong and steady presence in their neighborhood.
Christy says that’s fine by her, except that she knows it means it’s a search for a body. as for who took Lisa from her home, Christy says she’s torn between two theories: that mom had a role in it, and that a stranger is responsible. Mormino says, “Every half an hour you go she had nothing to do with this and then on the other hand you’re going well, you know, things aren’t adding up and so you just, you wanna believe that there’s not a crazy person out there taking babies, but you also want to believe the mom, too.”

Meanwhile, the searches go on. This one wasn’t prompted by a tip, but by police wanting to be sure that they haven’t missed anything in this whole area, grateful that they’re being thorough.

Source – CNN


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