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Wild Animals loose in Ohio

Yesterday, on Tuesday, October 18, an animal farm in Zanesville ohio went wild. The owner, Terry Thompson had opened the cages and let them run free. He had taken his own life shortly after. Many species were there. Grizzly bears, black bears, mountain lions, tigers, camels, cheetahs, leopards, monkeys and wolves.

The reason this all happened is because recently, Terry was released from jail. He learned he would be going back but couldn’t take it. No one is sure why he decided to let the animals out as well.

At the moment, there was believed to be between 40- 51 animals. At this very moment, there are 3 left. A monkey that has Herpes B, a mountain lion, and a bear.

The officers explained why they could not just simply tranculize these animals.

” for a professional, it would’ve been hard to hit them, let alone take down 300 lb animals”

professional tried to hit one very close range, but wasn’t even sure if he hit it. The tiger went crazy and very aggressive and stormed off into wooded areas. Not sure if they hit it or not, they tracked it down and put it down. This shows how hard it is to take these things down, or even get close to hitting them with the darts. Especially at night. Some animals were walking out of the boundary and out toward civilized areas, officers couldn’t take any chances. So they put them down immediately.

These are how the animals were lined up when taken down.


Press conferences were held to keep and update on the remaining animals and the cause of all this.

Any other information you would like to know is in the link below.

Info by NBC4:


– Tyler Jones


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