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Ohio Rodeio over!

Two days ago, a Man Let all of the Wild Animals he owned loose, and commitied Seuaside, after learning he would go back to prison.
Several different speases of animals where let loose on October 18Th, 2011.
Several Indangered Bangle Tigers, Wolfs, Monkies, Bears, and many others where let loose into the small town in Ohio, called Zanesville.
These animals all lived on a Animal Farm wich was owned by Terri Tomson.
Terri had a few brush throughs with the Law, and learned he was gonna go back to Prison for some previous crimes he commitied.
One of the remaining 3 wich are now confermed dead, where a Mountain Lion, a Monky with Harppies Type B, and a Grizzley Bear.
They have been confermed dead Yesterday on the 19TH of October.
A List of the animals inclued the following.
Grizzly bears, black bears, mountain lions, tigers, camels, cheetahs, leopards, monkeys and wolves.
Many people are now crying out in sadness and anger towards the local Law Enforcement, who said their was no way to keep them alive, and try rounding them up with Trankralizer darts.
Many are even discraced at their actions for the reason of the Bangle Tigers being killed. The Bangle Tigers, wich is Indangered, is a symble of the Ohio Cincinnatie Bangles. A Football team, that is greatly praised around the Bangle Tiger, due to the animal is their Mascot.
Their will be further infomation as we continue through the week, and progress to the weekend.
~Lincoln Ritchhart


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