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  Many scientists who do not practice a faith, are more likely to think that the existence of a god is not possible. However, studies have shown that a supernatural force is in control. Even though nonbelievers deny this devine existence, it is still there, and it is everywhere. How many times can someone hear the Gospel of the Lord and not planted into his or her heart?

In recent studies, scientists dedicated their time on studying the parts that hold together an atom. As they looked deeply, they saw that what was holding together the atom was in the shape of crosses! That’s right, crosses!
This scientific discovery makes a statement in scripture, a true statement. In the Holy Bible, God says that he holds together all things.
So, if that statement is true, then the statement about the Sacred book of wisdom not having mistakes is true as well. If the statement about the Sacred book of wisdom having no mistakes is true, then that means Jesus Christ did come to this Earth to pay the price on the cross. This leads us to the following question: Jesus could have chosen to pay for our sins some other way, instead of the cross; could it be that he chose the cross to tell us that our father in Heaven loves us, and that he holds all things together?
The proof of this particular atomic element holding the atom together might answer this question, in a way that convinces a nonbeliever to believe. This divinity found in the atom can answer the question asked above and many, many more.

So, what is it that you think about after reading this? As you know, you, the reader of this article are composed of atoms; you are part of what is scientifically called Matter. Matter is anything that takes up space, and everything in this world, whether is a human, an animal, plastics, liquids, ETC, is matter. The purpose of this article is to help you understand God’s love for you. This is intended to lead you to believe. God is holding you together, even though you don’t see it.

Hopefully, the words written on this article will change your life. The American Nation News team is convinced that its purpose is to bring you articles of news that will inspire you, shock you, and most importantly, make your life better.
Stay tuned for more articles here on the top source for news that are recent and important.


3 Responses

  1. But to us there is but one God, the Father, of whom are all things (made), and we in him; and one Lord Jesus Christ, by whom are all things(made), and we by him. Science and God are not mutually exclusive since God is everything you can’t study anything without studying God.

    Even an intellect as keen as Einstein would easily accede that he has not and probably could not account for all the probable realities that we are not in touch with. There are autistic manifestations that amplify human perception capabilities to such extremes that it appears impossible that such things are possible for human.

    What I’ve noticed among the Atheist community is generous propensity to indulge in the preening of the beautiful minds; a mere exercise of arguing points for the sake of arguing with no intent of getting anywhere. Scientists whose discipline is concerned with exploring the universe at the level of sub-atomic particulate level have proof of what they have discovered about this world you live. Reference the Tzar Bomb, or Fatman-Little Boy that ended WW2. Einstein couldn’t make any progress in this area because to him unless you can furnish testable repeatable outcomes he is not signing on to it—”God doesn’t play dice” in his opinion. Quantum Mechanic allows for probable outcomes instead of predictable outcomes which govern the universe at our human scale of life. All the things that we think to be miraculous, namely all the things that Jesus did are standard fare at that level; because that is basically the skin of the universe. A fish swimming in the ocean looking for water and can’t find it is most peculiar.


    To no one’s surprise we are told that with the natural senses we cannot understand the counter-intuitive nature of God. This however doesn’t stop these guys from going about with the same old tired line you can’t prove this or that thing about God; and the whole nine yards so I don’t believe.

    God introduced himself to us an a thing that lives: I AM THAT I AM (not “who” I Am)…..the living one. He made man out of the dust an made him live. He said he is light and everything comes from him and is made of him. That is E=mc2. Matter and light are the same thing. Speed of light is the nexus between energy and matter. Till a little while ago all the world lived under the notion that matter and energy were separate and distinct. Since Einstein published his 5ht paper no one thinks that any more.

    Jesus instructed his disciples to wait, then passed on some distance before them where he was transfigured (changed form) and shined in greater candlepower strength than the sun. He is not just light of understanding….he is electromagnet radiation dunmis. Study the name the Almighty;…not just strength to push things around, he is energy literally. Ontological sentient energy that lives.

    Jesus is was light before Einstein began studying light. The heavens, and the firmament tells us about God, and his workmanship.

    If we want to walk blithely oblivious to these facts; that a choice like any other. Could say the world is flat that doesn’t square with the facts, but we can say it.

  2. If a tree falls in the forest and no-one is there to hear it crash, does it make a sound? I have faith that it does and that is largely how my faith works. I have no more faith in science than I do in religion because they are both human efforts and are prone to human weaknesses like learning and teaching the wrong things.This makes me skepticle of what people have to say especially people who like to teach about god!

  3. I would like to add, that Kevin might have been misunderstood. He is the most religous person I know, and actually, you can learn about god by picking up the Bible.
    Kevin here has helped me with getting my life back on track, and he did that through teaching of god. Though this post might seem kinda different, if you look at an atom under close maggnafacation, you will notice that what is holding them together, looks like little crosses. Thus is my conclusion that the lord in heaven holds this world together.

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