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Kyle Busch Suspended from NASCAR This Weekend

Kyle Busch was suspended Saturday by NASCAR from the rest of the weekend at Texas Motor Speedway for intentionally sending championship contender Ron Hornaday Jr. into the wall during the Camping World Truck Series race Friday night.
The ban put Busch out of Saturday’s Nationwide Series race and Sunday’s Sprint Cup Series race. He currently sits seventh in the Chase for the Sprint Cup standings.
Kyle Busch is currently suspended from the Nationwide Searies, and the Sprint Cup Searies.
His Intention of recking Ron Hornaday Jr. is just the tipical Busch Family in NASCAR.
Bush will be out for all this weekend, and should evenchually return next weekend for Quallafacations.
~Lincoln Ritchhart
CEO & Chairman
American Nation News

Justin Bieber a Father?

A 20 yearold womon recently reported to Calafornia Lawenforcement, that she is the mother of Justin Biebers saposave child.
Marirah Yeater, reported that her 3 month old son, is the child of the pop star, and reported they had relations in a backstage restroom, just after a consert last year.
The super star, Justin, said he did not have relations with this womon, and never met her.
There is though a great problem, Justin Bieber a year ago, was 16, and Mariah, was 19 years old.
If Justin is shown positive if or when he takes the faturnity test, Maria could end up serving about 3 Months as the minomem Prison Sentence for having sexual relations with a minor.
Meanwhile, Justin, is Denying any statements maid about him having any relations with Mariah.
On a side note, Their has some spectulation, that there is evadence, that Justin & Mariah, did have sexual relations with eachother.

besides the elagations that are pouring from boath sides of the fence, there has been some threats maid towards Mariah.
She has deleated her Myspace account, and deactiveated, her Twitter account.

One Threat was sent to her twitter stateing this message to Mariah.
“Roses are red, Voilets are blue, don’t go near Justin, or we will kill you.”

This is just an example of the threats being maid by just the far many of Justin’s fans, and has continued tell now.

The LA Times, has had some spectulation of the matter, and so has many newspapers bisnesses, such as the Indianapolis Star, the Washington Post, the Chacogo Enquire, and many more…
The thousands of Bieber fans are on the eage wondering if their idle, really did such a thing, and all wonder if the little infent is really his own kid.
Mariah is pressing for a faturnity test, and is still saying she and Justin where in a backstage restroom composeing sexual acts.
Though we are not for shure if Justin is a father, we will evenchually know, if he is a father of a bouncing baby, or if this womon is just trying to get some Publisitty.
~Lincoln Ritchhart
CEO & Chairman
American Nation News

teen gossip

So i bet your wondering what is happening with todays teens like who dating who and what teen is in what movie right? Well heres your chance to get the sc00p on whats going on with our teens. Did you know that the star from Twighlight Ashley Greene is dating the guys who plays in the new movie spiderman turn off the dark Reeve Carney.

Billboard Magazine officially announced this week that country recording artist Taylor Swift will be receiving the “Woman of the Year” award at the 2011 Billboard Women in Music event on Dec. 2 in New York City.

Raise your hand if you’re surprised.

Swift, who’s sold more records than, well, anyone in the past year, is the youngest artist to ever receive this honor – and it makes sense:  At 21, she’s already won four Grammy Awards, gone quintuple platinum and been bum-rushed onstage by an angry hip-hop artist.  So yeah, she’s pretty advanced.

According to Bill Werde, Billboard’s Editorial Director,

Taylor has shown the power of good songwriting with music that has transcended genres, and we’re thrilled to recognize all of her successes over the past year by honoring her with the Billboard Woman of the Year Award… At the young age of 21, Taylor has already made a major impact on music and has been an incredible role model for aspiring singers/songwriters and young women everywhere.  I look forward to watching her career continue to flourish in the years to come.

Kind of makes you want to get up off the couch and do something, don’t it?

Congrats Taylor! 

Hold on to your hats ladies – the rumors are…

Just a maybe.  Sorry!

Teen power couple, Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez have been battling breakup rumors since they “officially” announced their relationship back in March, but is their fairy tale romance actually about to hit the skids?

Sources report that Selena 17, is getting fed up with her beau’s childish ways.

Justin is still like a kid… All he wants to do is watch movies and play video games… Selena is very much a young woman…She wants to go out and have romantic dinners but that’s not happening.

I guess a private dinner at The Staples Center and watching Titanic on the JumoTron just doesn’t do it for some people…

While none of the breakup rumors have been confirmed, I think it’s safe to say that these two lovebirds won’t be headed down the aisle anytime soon.

P.S.  Titanic?  Really, Justin?  I mean, weren’t you like seven when that movie came out?

Michelle Obama Attempts To Make The Guinness Book Of World Records!

  Our well known, and respected first lady (Michelle Obama) is doing something most people usually wouldn’t do. Michelle Obama has said that she plans to break the world record for the most people doing jumping jacks in 24-hours. Michelle Obama already has a team of hundreds of local children ready and willing to break this record. Everyone who is participating in this event is required to do one minute of jumping jacks, in order to break this record. Michelle Obama and the hundreds of children will be doing their part on the south lawn of the White House. 


  An official from the Guinness Book Of World Records will signal the beginning of this 24-hour challenge. To break this world record more than 20,425 people world wide are needed to do jumping jacks for one minute to break this world record. Not many first ladies get to go down in history for doing more than just being the first lady of America. It is a great opportunity, and Michelle Obama is grabbing a hold of it with both hands!!!



latest gossip on Celebritys

Lady Gaga, Taylor Swift, Jessica Biel and David Beckham will help honour a select group of American children for their contributions to society next month (Nov11).

The celebrities will help pay tribute to teenagers who are trying to fix social problems at the Teen Nick Helping And Leading Others (Halo) Awards, which will air on Nickelodeon on 4 November (11), according to the Associated Press.

Bad Romance hitmaker Gaga is to applaud Emily-Anne Rigal for creating anti-bullying website and YouTube.com channel WeStopHate and heap praise upon her “strong convictions and a beautiful soul.”

Love Story singer Swift will thank James O’Dwyer of Alabama for spearheading disaster relief support in the area following the devastating tornadoes earlier this year (11), actress Biel will recognise Shanoah Washington for founding mentor program Sista2Sista, and sports ace Beckham will applaud Kyle Weiss for starting FundAField, which raises funds to build soccer fields for children in Africa.

John Lennon’s personal sketches and other Beatles memorabilia are set to go under the hammer at an auction in Argentina later this month (Oc11).

The collection, which contains over 120 Fab Four items, features black-and-white photos, an autographed Paul MCCartney bass guitar, and even signed cheques.

A highly sought-after original drawing by Lennon, which showcases stick figures of the late singer and his wife Yoko Ono, along with a scribbled message that reads “1+1=John+Yoko. ‘Tis simple math guys,” is expected to fetch upwards of $22,535 (Gbp14,084).

Collector Paul Blisniuk, tells Reuters, “My passion for The Beatles comes from childhood… I grew up with Beatlemania and I’m a Beatles fanatic… I came from a poor family so my dad couldn’t afford the records, but over time, I started saving newspaper clippings, magazines, and my collection grew.

The auction will begin on 13 October (11).


Steve Jobs has died

Steve Jobs, who as Apple’s founder and twice CEO revolutionized the use of computers, phones, and music players before popularizing digital tablets, died today after a seven year battle with pancreatic cancer and related ailments. He was 56.

Job’s family sent out statements regarding his death and his life. As well as the Apples Board of Directors.

Many people reacted to this in an honoring manor of Steve’s life.

  • Barack Obama: “Steve’s brilliance, passion and energy were the source of countless innovations that enrich and improve all of our lives. The world is immeasurably better because of Steve.”
  • Bill Gates: “The world rarely sees someone who has had the profound impact Steve has had, the effects of which will be felt for many generations to come. For those of us lucky enough to get to work with him, it’s been an insanely great honor.”
  • Tim Cook, email to Apple employees: “Apple has lost a visionary and creative genius, and the world has lost an amazing human being. Those of us who have been fortunate enough to know and work with Steve have lost a dear friend and an inspiring mentor. Steve leaves behind a company that only he could have built, and his spirit will forever be the foundation of Apple.”

    “No words can adequately express our sadness at Steve’s death or our gratitude for the opportunity to work with him. We will honor his memory by dedicating ourselves to continuing the work he loved so much.”

  • Jerry Brown: “Steve Jobs was a great California innovator who demonstrated what a totally independent and creative mind can accomplish. Few people have made such a powerful and elegant imprint on our lives.”
  • Larry Page: “He always seemed to be able to say in very few words what you actually should have been thinking before you thought it.”
  • Mark Zuckerberg: “Thanks for showing that what you build can change the world.”
  • Sergey Brin: “Your passion for excellence is felt by anyone who has ever touched an Apple product… you will be missed very much.”


I used some of this information from this site.



We will always remember Steve not as a person, but as a revolutionist. Who has changed the world in its technology, and intelligence.


Signed, Tyler


Founder of Doritos Dies

DALLAS (AP) — Arch West, a retired Frito-Lay marketing executive credited with creating Doritos as the first national tortilla chip brand, has died in Dallas at age 97.

A statement issued by the West family says he died Tuesday at Presbyterian Hospital in Dallas. A graveside service is scheduled for Oct. 1. Daughter Jana Hacker of Allen tells The Dallas Morning News (http://dallasne.ws/qzPm9E) the family plans on “tossing Doritos chips in before they put the dirt over the urn.”

West was a marketing vice president for Dallas-based Frito-Lay in 1961 when, while on a family vacation near San Diego, he found a snack shack selling fried tortilla chips. Hacker says her father got a tepid corporate response to the tortilla chip idea but conducted marketing research that led to the Doritos rollout.