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Chatroom Roules-
I. No Course Words. (General Course Words such as F-Bomb can resort in a Kick first, then a Ban for one hour. If repeated, then extended to six hours.)
II. No Asking for Personal Infomation. (If asking for Infomation such as Phone Number, address, or a photograph of an Individual will resalt in a ban for twenty-four Hours.)
III. No Inappropriate Links. (This inclueds links such as porno links, or Profanity.)
IV. No Inappropriate Language or comments. (This inclueds Sexual topics, Raciest topics, or Topica that attacks another Individual.)
V. No Argueing. (Debates are ok, just aslongs it does not offend anyone, or attacks someones religious Learnings & Beleaves.)
X. No Spam. (SPAM Stands for Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages. Do not write stuff like: ferritgferuf4e3gtukdrl;rl4eghe; This is annoying, and is a virble warning first time round, then a kick. If continued, this can be maid a ban for one hour.)
VII. No CAPS. (Writing in CAPS is annoying, and it might look as if your yelling at people.

2 Responses

  1. Please advise me on what laptop computer is best for the visually impaired? I heard Dell is one. Marilyn

    • You herd right. Dell is a good brand, but it is what is running the Brand of PC Laptop.
      I had Vista for a while before going blind to glacoma. And it was a Compaq Computer.
      Personally, I prefure an E-Machine. It is an amazing brand, and with Windows 7, it will make a great pc.
      For you, I would recomend a Dell with Windows 7 operating system, and with rather, Window Eyes, or JAWS.
      I use E-Machine with Windows 7, and NVDA.
      If you get a Dell, I would get JAWS, and some extra Ram for the Processer, so you would have extra memory, and speed. Screen Readers will be memory & Speed hogs on your Computer, so remember to use like Internet Exploar 64Bit, and have extra Memory & Ram systems added.
      What ever you do, don’t waist time with Mac Computers. Their complacated, and not a good computer to use if your in the Bisness world.
      It may have a built in Screenreader, but it is not a great system to use.
      Unless you want a big I-Pod you can sit on your lap, then go for it… LOL.
      I hope I could be helpful, If you need more Info, I can ask Kevin to post about Computers that are useful to the Visually Impaired.
      He is one of our computer nerds on the site, and your really gonna find a waterfall of infomation from him.
      But hay, thanks for commenting on the site, and thanks for reading… 😀
      ~Lincoln Ritchhart
      CEO & Chairman/Founder
      American Nation News

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