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Whats Next For Europe

Everyday in Europe brings in a new fear.First, it’s the threat of a default by Greece. Then it’s the Italian government on the verge of collapse. Next, it could be Portugal and Spain. Markets worldwide respond with massive selloffs.  it costs Greeks Prime minsters job and similar outcome in Italy. Whats next? its not that terribly  palatable for Europe;the ramifications could be dire for American investors, too.









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Arab Nations working to get tourists back

Arab Nations such as Egypt are currently in the process of regaining tourists after a line of popular uprisings strucken the Middle Eastern countries.
Tourists have started to return to Egypt since the political unrest at the start of the year, but still, their is a nerve racking feeling that has darken over the Hotel Bisnesses in the Middle East.
This year’s Arab Spring has meant tough times for the tourism industry across North Africa and the Middle East.
With popular uprisings leading to regime change in Egypt and Tunisia, popular beach resorts such as Egypt’s Sharm el-Sheikh were left deserted in the early part of the year, as holiday companies evacuated European tourists.
With Civil War in Libbia, and Anti Government Protest & Riots in Syria, the big Hotel bisnesses seam to Perhaps, visit the Reageon a little less then usual sense the Security of tourists could be one not worth risking. As The World is all eyes on Greese, and the Protest on Walstreet, and in Frankfurt, this is one not worth risking the lives of Curious visitors who intend to be there for a good time.
Add April’s bomb attack on a cafe in the Moroccan city of Marrakesh that killed 15 people, the continuing reports of sectarian violence in Egypt, and the protests in Bahrain, 2011 has been challenging for the tourism sector across North Africa and the Middle East.
though with their some what unstable countries, and as 2011 draws to an end, price cuts are inspected to be seen to draw back the tourists to the Vacasion spots that make Egypt known, as well for parts of Africa, and other Parts of the Reageon.
With Elections in Egypt, Lybbia, and Tunisia, All expect numbers of overseas tourists to rise again in 2012.
Though their is still dout among the tourism sector across much of Over Seas, their is some fear of possible attacks that could cause the death of Visitors to the sector Reageon, and is a consern across the Political side of the Nations in the Middle East.
With Gadafi dead, the people of Lybbia are slowly starting to realize the Impact.
Sense the fall of Gadafi and his resheam, the Lybbian people are prepairing for elections here soon.
Hopefully, the Hotels across Africa, and the rest of the Middle East will have their doors wide open for curious and adventureous visitors to have a great relaxing vacasion.
~Lincoln Ritchhart
CEO & Chairman
American Nation News


At this moment, their is a strong Storm frunt moving East with a High pressure System moving behind it, wich should push it along as it makes it way toward Indiana.
The Storm should progress towards Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kuntucky, Tennassee, and sarounding states of the Eastern half of the United States by Tuesday, and should arrive in New York, Washington D.C., and other bodering states of the Atlantic by Late Wednesday, and should bring Rain, and a Thunderstorm or two.
The National Weather Service in Indianapolis said their is a great pertenshal for the storm to arrive in the Greator Indianapolis area by Tuesday, and that Sarounding states should be clear from Late Tuesday, to Saturday.
Currently, there is a Storm linguring over Texas & Oklahoma, with some Thunder reported.
As High Pressure moves into the area, we should inspect Tempatures to increase, as we should start to warm up as we go through this week.
This Warm tempature will be a great help for the resadence of the states effected by the blizzard that hit recently, and should also, have some negatave effects as we progress through the 7 Days.
This Pressure, can effect this storm, and might have a slight chance for Severe storm threats.
The Weather Channal reported, that this storm might have an impact on some parts of the U.S. sense this storm could be Severe.
Spotters should be alert and report any Infomation to the local NWS National Weather Service office in there area.
With any storm, their is the chance for lighting, and including cloud to ground lighting.
People who are plaining any outdoor activities should monator the weather to enshure safty.
Lighting is just one of the few things thatc an kill you during a thunder storm, and can also have an impact on electrical appliences.
Keep a Emergency weather kit containing medicle Supply, Important documents of Medicle records, medacations, Alergies, and keep items such as food, Water, Flashlights, extra battries, and a Noaa All Hazzards Radio, for Weather updates from the National Weather Service.
~Lincoln Ritchhart
CEO & Chairman
American Nation News


  Many scientists who do not practice a faith, are more likely to think that the existence of a god is not possible. However, studies have shown that a supernatural force is in control. Even though nonbelievers deny this devine existence, it is still there, and it is everywhere. How many times can someone hear the Gospel of the Lord and not planted into his or her heart?

In recent studies, scientists dedicated their time on studying the parts that hold together an atom. As they looked deeply, they saw that what was holding together the atom was in the shape of crosses! That’s right, crosses!
This scientific discovery makes a statement in scripture, a true statement. In the Holy Bible, God says that he holds together all things.
So, if that statement is true, then the statement about the Sacred book of wisdom not having mistakes is true as well. If the statement about the Sacred book of wisdom having no mistakes is true, then that means Jesus Christ did come to this Earth to pay the price on the cross. This leads us to the following question: Jesus could have chosen to pay for our sins some other way, instead of the cross; could it be that he chose the cross to tell us that our father in Heaven loves us, and that he holds all things together?
The proof of this particular atomic element holding the atom together might answer this question, in a way that convinces a nonbeliever to believe. This divinity found in the atom can answer the question asked above and many, many more.

So, what is it that you think about after reading this? As you know, you, the reader of this article are composed of atoms; you are part of what is scientifically called Matter. Matter is anything that takes up space, and everything in this world, whether is a human, an animal, plastics, liquids, ETC, is matter. The purpose of this article is to help you understand God’s love for you. This is intended to lead you to believe. God is holding you together, even though you don’t see it.

Hopefully, the words written on this article will change your life. The American Nation News team is convinced that its purpose is to bring you articles of news that will inspire you, shock you, and most importantly, make your life better.
Stay tuned for more articles here on the top source for news that are recent and important.

Kyle Busch Suspended from NASCAR This Weekend

Kyle Busch was suspended Saturday by NASCAR from the rest of the weekend at Texas Motor Speedway for intentionally sending championship contender Ron Hornaday Jr. into the wall during the Camping World Truck Series race Friday night.
The ban put Busch out of Saturday’s Nationwide Series race and Sunday’s Sprint Cup Series race. He currently sits seventh in the Chase for the Sprint Cup standings.
Kyle Busch is currently suspended from the Nationwide Searies, and the Sprint Cup Searies.
His Intention of recking Ron Hornaday Jr. is just the tipical Busch Family in NASCAR.
Bush will be out for all this weekend, and should evenchually return next weekend for Quallafacations.
~Lincoln Ritchhart
CEO & Chairman
American Nation News


At around 12:48AM (EST), a 5.4 Magnatude Earthquake hit Oklahoma.
There is no report of Injury, or massave dammage, but there will be an extencive search to inshure that all is safe.
The Quake is the 2Nd Largest to hit Oklahoma, and is a great shock for many resadence.
Currently, there is a Report of aftershock, with a Magnatude around 3.0 magnatude.
Stay with the ANN for more on the Latiest.
~Lincoln Ritchhart
CEO & Chairman
American Nation News

Baby Leasea’s killer Found?

About two months ago, Baby Leasa Erwin, was at home in her crib, sound asleep, and the older sibleings, Ages rainging from five to 8 years old, where in there rooms just down the hall.
At around 2:30AM, the baby was missing from her crib.
Just recently, a Vidio was released to the public, and contained a man holding an infent, around the ages of seven to 8 months old.
At about that time, Local Fire Department officials where called out to a dumpster fire just a few blocks from the Erwin house hold.
Now, a Report has came out, that states, someone picked out of a picture lineup, a face. the Face of the Erwins neighbor.
As the investagation continues, and with no body of Baby Leasa, their is a possible conclushion of this case.
With the Erwin family grasping their allaby, their is still some investagation Questions to consiter…
Why was the Neighbor of the Erwins cot on camera with their baby girl?
Why was there a burning dumpster at around that time of the kidnapping?
And where is baby Leasa?
There has been several story changes from Mrs. Erwin, and their is still more to consiter during this long & undergoing process.
Meanwhile, there is spectulation, that the paraints have some sort of colaboration with the disapearence of their doughter.
Though this is not conferned, there is planty to discuss if rather the Parints have anything to do with it or not.
Stand by, with the American Nation News, as we go in further and uncover the truth.
~Lincoln Ritchhart
CEO & Chairman
American Nation News