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Mom Charged with the Murder of her Son.

Affton, MO – A women in Missouri, Shelby Dasher, was charged today with the Murder of her 13 month old son. She originally claimed her son missing just a mere 16 hours before she was accused. A few residents walking their dog stumbled upon her sons body Tuesday near a cemetery. It was only about a mile from Shelby’s home. The County Prosecutor, Bob McCulloch, Said that Shelby admitted her doings to the police. Shelby said that she beat her son because he was crying and wouldn’t go back to sleep. “Raising children can be frustrating. There are a myriad of ways to handle that,” McCulloch said. “This isn’t one of them.”  Police Stated that Dasher reported her son missing from his crib once she had awoken after over sleeping.

More soon….

Baby Leasea’s killer Found?

About two months ago, Baby Leasa Erwin, was at home in her crib, sound asleep, and the older sibleings, Ages rainging from five to 8 years old, where in there rooms just down the hall.
At around 2:30AM, the baby was missing from her crib.
Just recently, a Vidio was released to the public, and contained a man holding an infent, around the ages of seven to 8 months old.
At about that time, Local Fire Department officials where called out to a dumpster fire just a few blocks from the Erwin house hold.
Now, a Report has came out, that states, someone picked out of a picture lineup, a face. the Face of the Erwins neighbor.
As the investagation continues, and with no body of Baby Leasa, their is a possible conclushion of this case.
With the Erwin family grasping their allaby, their is still some investagation Questions to consiter…
Why was the Neighbor of the Erwins cot on camera with their baby girl?
Why was there a burning dumpster at around that time of the kidnapping?
And where is baby Leasa?
There has been several story changes from Mrs. Erwin, and their is still more to consiter during this long & undergoing process.
Meanwhile, there is spectulation, that the paraints have some sort of colaboration with the disapearence of their doughter.
Though this is not conferned, there is planty to discuss if rather the Parints have anything to do with it or not.
Stand by, with the American Nation News, as we go in further and uncover the truth.
~Lincoln Ritchhart
CEO & Chairman
American Nation News

Justin Bieber a Father?

A 20 yearold womon recently reported to Calafornia Lawenforcement, that she is the mother of Justin Biebers saposave child.
Marirah Yeater, reported that her 3 month old son, is the child of the pop star, and reported they had relations in a backstage restroom, just after a consert last year.
The super star, Justin, said he did not have relations with this womon, and never met her.
There is though a great problem, Justin Bieber a year ago, was 16, and Mariah, was 19 years old.
If Justin is shown positive if or when he takes the faturnity test, Maria could end up serving about 3 Months as the minomem Prison Sentence for having sexual relations with a minor.
Meanwhile, Justin, is Denying any statements maid about him having any relations with Mariah.
On a side note, Their has some spectulation, that there is evadence, that Justin & Mariah, did have sexual relations with eachother.

besides the elagations that are pouring from boath sides of the fence, there has been some threats maid towards Mariah.
She has deleated her Myspace account, and deactiveated, her Twitter account.

One Threat was sent to her twitter stateing this message to Mariah.
“Roses are red, Voilets are blue, don’t go near Justin, or we will kill you.”

This is just an example of the threats being maid by just the far many of Justin’s fans, and has continued tell now.

The LA Times, has had some spectulation of the matter, and so has many newspapers bisnesses, such as the Indianapolis Star, the Washington Post, the Chacogo Enquire, and many more…
The thousands of Bieber fans are on the eage wondering if their idle, really did such a thing, and all wonder if the little infent is really his own kid.
Mariah is pressing for a faturnity test, and is still saying she and Justin where in a backstage restroom composeing sexual acts.
Though we are not for shure if Justin is a father, we will evenchually know, if he is a father of a bouncing baby, or if this womon is just trying to get some Publisitty.
~Lincoln Ritchhart
CEO & Chairman
American Nation News