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  Many scientists who do not practice a faith, are more likely to think that the existence of a god is not possible. However, studies have shown that a supernatural force is in control. Even though nonbelievers deny this devine existence, it is still there, and it is everywhere. How many times can someone hear the Gospel of the Lord and not planted into his or her heart?

In recent studies, scientists dedicated their time on studying the parts that hold together an atom. As they looked deeply, they saw that what was holding together the atom was in the shape of crosses! That’s right, crosses!
This scientific discovery makes a statement in scripture, a true statement. In the Holy Bible, God says that he holds together all things.
So, if that statement is true, then the statement about the Sacred book of wisdom not having mistakes is true as well. If the statement about the Sacred book of wisdom having no mistakes is true, then that means Jesus Christ did come to this Earth to pay the price on the cross. This leads us to the following question: Jesus could have chosen to pay for our sins some other way, instead of the cross; could it be that he chose the cross to tell us that our father in Heaven loves us, and that he holds all things together?
The proof of this particular atomic element holding the atom together might answer this question, in a way that convinces a nonbeliever to believe. This divinity found in the atom can answer the question asked above and many, many more.

So, what is it that you think about after reading this? As you know, you, the reader of this article are composed of atoms; you are part of what is scientifically called Matter. Matter is anything that takes up space, and everything in this world, whether is a human, an animal, plastics, liquids, ETC, is matter. The purpose of this article is to help you understand God’s love for you. This is intended to lead you to believe. God is holding you together, even though you don’t see it.

Hopefully, the words written on this article will change your life. The American Nation News team is convinced that its purpose is to bring you articles of news that will inspire you, shock you, and most importantly, make your life better.
Stay tuned for more articles here on the top source for news that are recent and important.